Fashion Management System

FMS - Introduction

Our Fashion Management System is a comprehensive software system that provides control of fashion items from design and sampling through to costing, material purchase, production and on to customer supply and invoicing. It has been developed from the ground up, to handle fashion items such as garments, footwear, textiles and accessories and is available in a comprehensive software suite, which is both modular and easy to implement.

Quite simply, it works the way our customers work, follows the logic they adopt, supports their business processes and is in fact, quite unique as a result

Key features are:-
  • Organised visible logging and indexing of designs
  • Centralised and secure costing facilities; create multiple costings and retain a history
  • Cost and margin control
  • Control of all materials and how they are purchased and consumed
  • More effective pre-production control of sourcing
  • Streamlined goods receipt process
  • Factory planning and loading
  • Efficient and comprehensive docketing and control of dockets
  • Effective management accounting across the business
  • Post costing analysis
  • Exceptional critical path system allows you to monitor the entire production cycle; orders automatically appear on the critical path so nothing can be lost.