Retail Management System

RMS - Introduction

This is our state of the art retail system which takes away the effort of running retail concessions, automating the processes to a high degree yet retaining the tight control needed to make money in this potentially lucrative business area.

Optionally, the system can link to our Fashion Management System for controlling production or it can stand alone with Styles being set up typically by colour and size with appropriate bar codes. Receipts from production can be auto allocated by a predetermined "formula" so that different stores (sizes) can be allocated appropriate numbers of items. The system provides out to store paperwork and retains details of what is sent and when. When a product is short, lesser performing stores can be rationed with the object of making sure that the product will go to where it can best be sold.

Typically via electronic links to stores (Debenhams, John Lewis, House of Fraser and many others) retail till information is captured overnight and detailed analysis is automatically available the next morning. Stock replenishments are auto calculated and it is possible to set up a replacement strategy based on what is selling good selling stores for a product are auto allocated more than poor selling stores which may not even be allocated.

If you follow the links on the menu, you will see the features available in the system, based on Microsoft SQL Server the database is both robust and responsive. Microsoft also make the system easy to use and easy to learn to use with a learning time often as little as one day!